Chandler and sons Services "Here for you"



Candler and Sons is pleased to offer many services to help with your indoor comfort.




Like a car, your comfort system needs periodic maintenance.  While not all systems require the same interval between check-ups, a professionally trained technician should evaluate your system many times during it's lifespan.




I would imagine that no one likes those hot or chilly days when their comfort system fails.  However, that is when were here to help. With Nate certification and 10 years experience I hope you will depend on me.




It's inevitable, your system will eventually need to be replaced.  There are many factors that should affect your decision including the system's age, overall condition, cost of repair, and energy costs.


Indoor Air Quality

 Between our evening routines and a good nights sleep, we spend most of our time indoors.   Most people however, do not realize that indoor air is of much less quality compared to the outside air.  We are happy to offer many solutions for various air quality problems including, ventilation, humidity control, germicidal lamps, and most importantly enhanced air filtration. 



We are pleased to accept cash, check, or all 4 major credit cards as payment for services rendered.